We have Ballet classes for ages 2 - 13yrs


Classical  introduces ballet skills for children to develop. They learn through exercises and routines, ballet terminology and correct posture. It is a fantastic start to improve balance, coordination and flexibility.

Junior Classes - Children learn the foundation beginnings of Classical Ballet through games and exercise's. Engaging their imagination children develop and learn skills to enable them to progress to higher levels.

Primary Classes - Using the SFD* syllabus and unset work, children learn all foundation steps and movements, theory, understanding of the body and specific muscles; setting them up for intermediate learning.  The classical levels are as follows:

Levels 1-7

Pre Elementary - Pre Pointe reviews

Elementary - Pointe Work

Intermediate Advanced


*With the Southern Federation of Dance syllabus students learn about the style in a very comprehensive manner. With exams, master classes, competitions and workshops to enhance their training, the classes are fun and perfect for those wanting to go further with their dancing. Training leads to career opportunities such as Teaching, Performing, Choreographing, Adjudicating and much more.




Class Times:

Junior Ballet: Edwardes Studio

Friday Jnr Ballet 9.30-10.00am 3-4yrs NEW

Friday Jnr Ballet  10.30-11.15am 3-4yrs 

Thursday Jazz Ballet 10.00-10.30am 2-4yrs

Tuesday Jazz Ballet 10.15-10.45am 2-4yrs

Primary Ballet: Edwardes Studio

Saturday Ballet lvl 1 9.30-10.15am 4.5-7yrs

Monday Ballet lvl 1 4.45-5.30pm ages 4-6yrs 

Thursday Ballet lvl 2 4.00-4.45pm 5-7yrs

Saturday Ballet lvl 3 12.40-1.40pm 6-9yrs

Saturday Ballet lvl 5 11.25-12.40pm 8-11yrs

Tuesday Ballet lvl 6 7.30-8.30pm 9-14yrs





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Teachers for these classes:  Venessa Frew Ambar Govan and Daniela Mercuri 


Payment is by the Term

For example 45min class that runs on Wednesday term 1 is 9 weeks cost $126                                                                                                        


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